The Pair That Dried My Face

A couple days ago I asked my friend, who always has clear skin, what facial cleanser she uses. She told me that she used Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst and Night Relaxing cleansers. I bought these in a pack, hoping to have satisfying results. I had the opposite. Yes, my face was more clear, but it was also very dry. I was very disappointed. I used this for a week, hoping that perhaps it’s like this because my face isn’t used to this product. Whenever I put on the Morning Burst, my face does feel refreshed. When I use the Night Cleanser, it feels quite clean. But using these products dried at my face. Mainly around my forehead and eye area. A little beside my lip. I was very disappointed. Because no matter how much moisturizer I put on, it seemed to come back again. I’m very disappointed with this purchase. I let my sister try it out, and it works fine for her, so I let her keep it for herself. I have eczema, so perhaps it was an ingredient in the cleansers that caused my skin to dry up. So unless you don’t have eczema, I don’t recommend using this product.


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