A Warm Visit to Pine Mountain!


So today we decided to take a 40 minute ride to Pine Mountain. It’s a nice little area where you can not only take magnificent pictures, but also where you can go see the Little White House. It’s located around Warm Springs, GA. Although, it started raining almost as soon as we got there so we didn’t get to do that much. We mostly just took pictures. IMG_6910.JPGIMG_6903.JPG


It was very beautiful. There were many beautiful trees. There was a lot of fog on the mountain. (Probably from the constant rain we’ve been having.) They also had adorable little shops on top of the mountain. I regret not taking pictures of them. The only pictures I got of buildings was one of a street light on a stone wall, and a few pictures of the town. Although, I must say, I love the little fences they have on the mountain. They have leaves tangled up on them. I don’t know if people made them look like that, or if it went like that naturally. Either way, it looks really pretty!IMG_6930IMG_6944.JPGIMG_6943

IMG_6945.JPGLet’s top it off with a selfie! XDIMG_6913

Have you ever been to Warm Springs?



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