Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I must confess, I am not exactly a big makeup person right now. Although, I am growing interested in it. So when ever I am at a store and I see the makeup aisle, I always peek for a few minutes at all the different products they have. Now, don’t be fooled into thinking I never where or buy makeup; for I actually do have some products that I use every now and then.

Whenever, I do wear makeup, I usually wear mascara, fill in my eyebrows just a little bit, sometimes eye shadow, and maybe some BB cream if I’m looking for some coverage. The product I wear the most is my mascara, which just happens to be Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara. I love this mascara. It is so great to wear! It doesn’t clump together and I love the curved wand that it has. It gives just the right amount of curve and volume. 

On the product label, it says “full fan effect”, which I must say is correct. This mascara is a great product that I do recommend using. (The choice is entirely up to you.) Although, I will definitely repurchase this product when I run out of the one I have now.


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  1. johnnielynn says:

    I love that mascara…


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