Gold Miner’s Festival

Hey guys! I haven’t been on this blog in a while… I guess I’ve been caught up with school and soccer and never really had time. Although, this weekend, my dad took my brother and me up to Dawsonville to a festival. (About 3 hours away.) I mean, to be frank, it was more like a gathering, but it was really nice. The whole thing is an annual festival that this gold miner’s club does.

It was up in the mountains in the middle of all the campsites. Rodney, a friend of my dad’s, was the planner. He got a bouncy house, tents, tables, and we also had a raffle. (Although, I didn’t win anything.) It was a really nice day outside, even though there were a bunch of bugs.


Some of the activities that they had for the kids were a lot of fun. There were to sandboxes, one with plastic jewelry and another had gems. They had pans and a bucket full of water where u could pan out the gems and necklaces. My little brother got some really pretty gems and a necklace. Not to mention they had the most delicious food. We had corn, beef, pork, beans, and really, really, really delicious eclairs.

The people were nice, the food was good, and I had a lot of fun. Did I mention that we were playing catch with a rubber ducky? Yep. We didn’t have anything else to throw. It was actually really funny because whenever someone caught one it’d squeak. It was really nice and so much fun. What did y’all do this Labor Day weekend?



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