Autumn Thoughts

Guess what… it’s fall!!! Now, I know that the first day of fall was on September 21. (About 2 weeks ago.) But where I live in GA, it doesn’t really feel like fall until October. Right now we have mornings that will have a temperature of 55 degrees, but then the afternoon will come and it’ll be about 90 degrees! But I am starting to feel that autumn vibe, so that’s a good thing. 

Fall is definitely my most favorite time of the year; the leaves start changing colors, the weather gets a little cooler and calmer, not to mention it’s officially scarf season. Fall is also followed by pumpkin spic frapucinnos and magnificent candles. And let’s not forget soft and crunchy leaf piles to jump in! I also really like that I can wear my Uggs with out getting my feet all sweaty from heat. 
My most favorite part of fall is most probably the leaves and boots. I love the leaves because it just becomes beautiful. Instead of just having green leaves everywhere, we get to witness the beautiful warm colors of red and orange that they change into. Then the leaves begin to fall, decorating our driveways and lawns. That’s when we get to take our rakes out of the shed and take all of the leaves into a huge leaf pile. After you make your enormous pile, you’ll be able to jump into the quite soft pile while hearing the loud crunch of the leaves under all your weight. And you could just sit there all day, with leaves surrounding you and comfy boots on your feet. And a couple of yards away there is a fire starting where everyone is sitting and talking, enjoying the light weather. You eventually get up and go to the fire, getting yourself all warmed up, talking to your friends and family. Y’all share stories and laughs and then eventually everyone will get tired and go home. When you go in your home you take a nice bath, washing those leaves out of your hair and getting rid of that smokey smell from your skin. After your bath you put your pajamas on and light a candle titled “pumpkin spice”. You then proceed to watching tv and just relaxing, thinking about random thoughts like what are you going to make for thanksgiving or maybe you could even be deciding what costume you’re going to wear for Halloween. Then you go to sleep, relaxed and happy, dreaming about falling leaves and scarecrows. 
I look forward to a lot when it comes to fall. My family loves fall, so we’re always doing something to enjoy it as much as we can. What do you look forward to during the autumn season?


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