Wow. October is already coming to an end. I can’t believe it! Time sure does fly by. But then again, at least we got to end it with Halloween!

Ah yes, Halloween; the one time of the year where we get to go to everyone’s door and ask for sweets. The one time of the year where everybody eats until they feel pleasantly sick from all the candy.

This Halloween was quite nice. This year my friends and I went on my dads trailer and we went around the neighborhood. I had two costumes this year (one for school and one for the house.) I was a dark priestess for Halloween, and for school I dressed up as an 80’s pop diva. Trick-or-Treatinf was really fun! Even though my feet were starting to ache, I ran to every house, excited to get more! The weather was quite hot, but it did eventually get cold and we all went back home to find tatertots awaiting us on the table. (They were very good.) 
What about you? How was your Halloween? Did you go Trick-or-Treating or did you give out candy? 


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