A Weekend in the Capitol

Recently I have visited Washington, D.C., the capitol of America, and all I have to say is… wow. It took my breath away. So many sites to see, so many delcious food trucks, and did you know that they have a China Town? In fact, the China Town in D.C. has the biggest gate out of all the China Towns in the U.S., but that’s off topic. 

I haven’t been on a plane ride since I was 9 months old; therefore, technically, the plane ride I had last weekend, was my first. Best part: I had a window seat. It was beautiful. I literally cried when we got above the clouds. It was sunrise so the colors were just breathtaking. You could see the sun rising and the exhilaration of the take-off of was so exciting. I rode with Delta Airlines and I was satisfied. They gave me ginger ale, which is one of my favorites, and they had really good cookies. 

As soon as we landed I had a 24 hour tour guide. Note: This was a school trip. We were guided by Feat Tours, which, by the way, is a great company. Our tour guide was very funny. I learned many things. Throughout our trip we went to museums, cemeteries, and memorials. My top 3 favorite were the Newseum, International Spy Museum, and the Jefferson Memorial. But that isn’t even a fourth of the places that we went to. We saw almost all of D.C.. We even went to Mount Vernon in Virginia to visit George Washington’s past. (Mount Vernon has a splendid view too. I can see why George would want to live in such a beautiful place.) At Mount Vernon they had people acting as characters from the past; such as George Washington’s grandson and his teacher. We also went to the Holocaust Museum. The museum was quite large, and I’m not going to lie, was very deep. Walking through it reall hit you in the feelings. We also went to the MLK Memorial. Fun fact about me: the Civil Rights Movement is my favorite event in American history. So going this memorial was very interesting. 

While the sites were all nice and enjoyed, I could say different about the food. The restaurants we went to were OK and the best food we got from D.C. were from the food trucks.  I love gyros and the ones from the small food truck were delicious. They also had a really good ice cream truck. 

I apologize for this blog not being that good, but my computer is broken and I’m currently typing off my phone, which is also pretty broken. But overall I loved my trip  it was beautiful and if I could I would go back again. 


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