Easter Madness

It is finally that time of the year where kids collect eggs and savor the candy. So it’s pretty much the spring version of Halloween: Easter! Not my favorite, but definitely one I look forward to. Every year we always wake up to a big breakfast. It usually consists of bacon, eggs, bread, and maybe some sausage. Sometimes we might even add hash browns and sometimes we might not have bread or bacon.  But either way, it’s nice to wake up to a nice breakfast with your family. You talk about how you had a good sleep and can’t wait for the egg hunt and hamburgers. Now, after breakfast we usually go straight to the egg hunt and then spend the rest of the day hanging out. We might go to the movies or maybe even bowling if the alley is open. But today right after breakfast we started to have a little nerf war. We got out our guns and shot each other through out the house. Our mom had just bought new bullets yesterday, so we were all loaded! After that we started getting stuff ready for later on in the day. Some family friends of ours were coming over. They arrived around 11 with their own gifts and food. All us kids went outside to play baseball and infected. Meanwhile, the adults were making the hamburgers and cake and having their talks and laughs.

We had watermelon, honeydew, chips, chocolate, and cupcakes to occupy us while we waited for the hamburgers to be ready. So everyone was going in and out. Some of us coming in to grab a snack and others to grab the tongs. There were 6 adults and 7 kids. So there was a lot of commotion. But it was fun commotion. We all had fun until we ate the delicious hamburgers with onions and avocado. (Very satisfying.)  After the burgers we had the Easter egg hunt. Even though I am 14 years old and probably too old for egg hunting, I still joined them. There were 80 eggs and I collected 17.

After sorting out our sweets we had some fun. My mom brought out the cookies and got us to play a game. We don’t have a name for it, but it would probably be called something like “put the cookie on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth with out using your hands”. A very fun game indeed. Next thing you know all the kids are in a line shoulder-to-shoulder trying to get a cookie in our mouths. The facial expressions were hilarious. After us the dads went. It was so funny to see all the dads shaking their heads and jumping around. A friend of ours took a video but I unfortunately don’t have it. (But my dad won!) It was so great. After that we all went back to doing our own things. The adults had their beer and laughed and the rest of us went to play infected until it was time to go home. It was a very nice day and probably one of my favorite Easters!


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