Ways to Make Money Young

As a kid, you’re always looking for ways to make money to go to the arcrade, buy clothes, or maybe just do your own thing with it. You might have allowance, a lemonade stand, or might use whatever birthday money you’ve been saving. I am the same way. I am constantly looking for ways to make my own money without having to ask my parents for money. Asking my parents for money kind of defeats the purpose of being responsible and using your own money. I’ve put together a list of ways you can make some quick and easy money. Especially now since summer break is coming around.


  • Clean Out Your Closet! – Take out all the clothes (and shoes) that you don’t want anymore and sell them. You can go on Poshmark, to Plato’s Closet, or even sell them at a local flea market.
  • Farmer’s Market! – Flea markets isn’t the only way to make money. You can also make your own stuff to sell. You can grow vegetables, make bracelets, or even make soap and candles. You can sell almost any homemade thing at farmer’s markets. I like it much better then etsy because you can interact with people.
  • Etsy! – One way you can make money online is through etsy. Make what you wish, and set up your own online store.
  • Lemonade Stands! – I know this is a 5-year-old thing, but if you have a little sibling, y’all can do this together and split the money. Besides, last summer, my friends and I were hosting a lemonde stand at the corner of the street and we made about $35 that day. Note: We were a bunch of 13 and 14-year-olds. Also, at our stand, I sold some dog treat bags too so I could make my own money without having to split it. I made an extra $15 from that.
  • Online Surveys!- If you wanna make a little extra cash on the side, online surveys is the way to go. Their are many reliable sites such as SwagBucksToluna, and YouGov.
  • BabySitting! – Now here’s a classic, and you only have to do it for $10-$20 and hour, your choice!
  • Dog Walking! – You can walk dogs too! for maybe $10 per walk you can make money in no time. Dog Sitting is also a good way to make money as well. And you can do it for the same price as Baby Sitting.
  • Chores! – But not just your chores. You can do chores for other people like mowing their lawn for $5/hour or even repaint their fence.

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