I am a long time victim of razor-burn and not so smooth shaves. I have been on a long journey to find the “perfect razor”. A razor that will leave no bumps and keep my skin so smooth and hair free it’ll look like I waxed it. At last, I have found it!


I was just about to take a shower when I realized that my razor blades were dull. I look in my bathroom drawers to find no extra ones. When I’m just about to take a shower that would leave me hairy, my mother tells me that she has a razor blade for me in her bottom drawer. Delighted, I ran to her bathroom and grabbed a razor blade head. When I first saw it, I was actually disappointed. Why? Because it just so happens to be that I’ve seen commercials of this certain Venus blade on TV too many times. I figured it was overrated. But I said “whatever” and went to take my shower. I shampooed, conditioned, bathed, and shaved. And when I stepped out of my shower, I was actually amazed. I had just had one of the cleanest shaves in a long time. My skin was smooth and soft and I was more than satisfied.


Not to mention, my armpit hairs. Now, in summer, it might be convenient to shave both your legs and pits, but in my case, pits are important. I have always ended up with my armpits holding little hair pricks. (a.k.a not so smooth.) Also, I am known to have always had dark skin under my underarms. I’ve always been told that it’s because of genetics that my pits were dark, but it genetics couldn’t make them that dark. I have been using this razor for about a week, and my pits actually aren’t so dark. Not to mention how smooth they are. Fun Fact: The top and bottom parts of the razor bend to fit your skin, making an exact shave.

My legs were also smooth clean and satisfied. Now, all my other areas, I don’t know, I can’t honestly tell you how good it is with the bikini area, I’ve always waxed/plucked down there. But if y’all want a brilliant, clean shave in your pits and legs, Venus ComfortGlide is the trick. I have been using the “White Tea” one, but I am excited to see about the others.

Order your own set here! (If you already have a stick by Venus, you should most certainly be able to just by a head and clip it on to the stick.)




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